Her Nightmare

Day 2

Mave sluggishly walked into the dinning room joining the rest of the family for breakfast.

“What took you so long?” George,her father asked

“She was making up her face” Chloe her little sister quickly cut in

“Hey! You watch it” Mave yelled at her

“Common kids” Genna her mother said and continued “no fight this morning but i must admit Mave,you look different today”

” Seriously mum?”

“No sweetie, you’re actually looking gorgeous this morning,who’s the guy behind it?”

“Wayne Anderson” Mason,her brother answered

“Hey! mind your business”

“But I’m right” Mason insisted

“You know what?you guys suck,I’m outta here” Marve stands to leave

“C’mon Marve,finish your breakfast”her mum pleaded then turned to her dad “George,you’re just gonna watch me deal with this kids alone?do something”

“Alright everyone” George said”settle down and let’s eat in peace”

“Last time I checked,Marve’s the only one standing”Chloe rudely cut in

“Hey! You watch it,bitch!” Mason yelled at Chloe bringing his fork closer to her.

“How many times have I told you kids not to use such language?” their mum screamed

“Just take a look at what you’ve taught them George”

“Ohhh…so now it’s my fault? They are your kids too,you know. Maybe if you try to be a better mum,they’ll act better”

“You did not just accuse me of being a bad mum” their mum yelled hitting the table

“Oh! Yes, I did” George hit the table too “bring it on bitch”

Marve angrily watched her parents argue like insane people

“Where on earth did those to meet and why did they get married.”she wondered then murmured

“Family….more like nightmare”

Her Nightmare

Day 1

It was dark and rainy,the object kept moving closer,she couldn’t scream. She was scared “I’m gonna die today” she murmured to herself. She turned and reached for a stone,it wouldn’t change anything,she struggled to control her breath as the creature moved closer. It was crawling “please tell me it’s not a snake”,she murmured again. The creature seemed to have heard her. It crawled faster,she tried to move backward but realized it was a dead end. She had reached the end of the tunnel. She felt tears on her check,her brother had promised to protect her,he had asked her to stay in the tunnel to stay safe. She murmured a silent prayer and held the stone firm,if she was gonna die then she’s gonna die trying to live. The creature was close now,close enough to see her,it was a Python;her worst animal. She screamed, so loud and her eyes flicked open. It was a nightmare. Her third time of having that exact nightmare. Her mum pushed the door open and switched on the light “Mave,you okey?”


Sometimes, it seem like just a dream,a dream that mean nothing and sometimes,that dream mean the whole world to the dreamer. It all depends on the attitude of the dreamer towards achieving that dream. what’s your dream?

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